Making prints is a laborious, though enjoyable process. After setting up – preparing the work space, inks and tools – paper is cut to size in preparation for inking the wood cut plate. Using a roller to transfer the ink from the glass table, the plate is inked evenly before being placed on the bed of the printing press. After careful alignment, the paper is placed onto the inked block which is then covered by a protective felt blanket. With the print pressure adjusted to the appropriate strength, the print block and paper assembly is passed through the press by turning the large, geared, cast iron wheel by hand.

Once the entire block has passed through to the other side, first the blanket is taken off and then the paper is carefully lifted to reveal the print. Should any particular area be found to require some extra bite, the sheet of paper can be rolled back onto the block and a manual burnish of the affected area can be applied. When happy with the result, the entire print is carefully lifted from the block and inspected for any potential flaws. Perfect prints are then hung up to dry and the process repeated for the additional prints that make up the number of a complete set or edition.